rls-day-rlsrlsday 2019

WELCOME to the website for Robert Louis Stevenson Day 2019. Each year the November 13 birthday of the great Scottish author is celebrated with events staged by Stevenson lovers in his home city of Edinburgh, as well as further afield.

Instantly recognisable worldwide by his initials, RLS was the most versatile of writers – poet, essayist, travel writer, children’s author, historical novelist and humourist who also found time to pen some of the finest letters in the English language. His life story, from Edinburgh to the South Seas, was every bit as exciting as his novels – and he crammed it all into a life of 44 years.

In the months leading up to RLS Day, this website will grow as the programme is put together. Check regularly to see what is happening – and if you or your organisation would like to stage an RLS event, on or around November 13, please let us know so we can publicise it. Simply email robertlouisstevenson@blueyonder.co.uk